Eva Blue

customer comments

Enchanted Evening (Hollie, NY) *****

image of Hollie

I couldn't wait to tell you. Matt asked me to marry him, and I of course said YES!!! and BEST of all I looked FABULOUS. Thanks to you!! I was wearing your dress that evening. I'm sooo happy! So I just wanted to thank you for my dress on an evening I will never forget. Thank you very much.

Raspberry Dazzler (Ann, MS) *****

This shade of raspberry pink is outstanding. It's elegant and cheerful without being too bright. This dress looks like it would cost 3 times what it did. The skirt flows beautifully and is great with strapped metallic sandals. It really exceeded my expectations.

Stunning Style (Roxie, NC) *****

This dress is stunning... style is so flattering. Please bring more colors (black, gold, navy, turquoise, etc.) Love it!

Pleasantly Surprised (Debbie, GA) *****

Bought this dress only because it was on sale. I was pleasantly surprised when I received this gorgeous dress!!! Really nice "evening out" dress. Fits very well on an average body. Camouflages figure flaws... who doesn't love that?

Perfect fit (Jo Ann, CA) *****

The quality of the materials used - stunning! Beading is sewn into the dress, not glued. One of my best buys yet. I'm very happy with a purchase that actually fits - Beautifully! I will use this dress for all my special occasions.

Wonderful (Alice, KY) *****

I received this great dress yesterday. I'm going to wear it for my twentieth anniversary and cousin's wedding. With this beauty I should be the belle of the ball. Again it is a glorious dress - the fit is perfect maybe even a little too perfect!!

Fabulous! (Maria, TX) *****

I purchased two dresses and was simply astonished at the workmanship and style. These dresses would be a bargain at 5 times the price (BUT PLEASE KEEP THEM PRICED THE SAME)! ...I feel like a princess when I wear it!